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Eden Grass Ceramic Wax Melter


Add a touch of elegance to your home with this beautiful Decorative Ceramic Black and White Grass Design Wax Melter.


Its unique and stylish design features black and white grass patterns that will suit any interior.

Made of high-quality ceramic, this burner is not only durable but also a beautiful addition to any room.


As much home decor as they are functional wax warmers... it is beautiful even when unlit.


Place fragrance oil or wax melts into the built-in dish with a standard tealight inside to fill the home with your flavour of choice.


Why not choose a box of wax melts to add on to this melter, to create a great value gift?


Minor surface imperfections and surface ripples can occur with handmade products but these will not affect the functionality of the burner in any way.


As this wax melter comes in its own gift box, it will make a lovely gift for a birthday, housewarming or just simply just to say you care.


How to enjoy....


Place your wax melt into the dish with a standard tealight inside to fill the home with calming fragrance.


⭐⭐ only use tealights that are 2.5 hours or 4-5 hours burn time.... maximum depth of tealight should be 19mm.


Never burn your burner for more than 4 hours.

Only touch the base, not the sides or bowl as these get very hot during burning.


Do not move the burner whilst the wax burner is on then only move when wax is set.


Please remove lid when in use.


Dimensions: 12cm approximate.

Material: Ceramic

Eden Grass Ceramic Wax Melter


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