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The Story So Far.....

Hello and welcome to my little online store

The Cubbyhole Gift Shop!

My name is Joanne and I am the owner and founder of the Cubbyhole Gift Shop.

I also own and run Springhill Therapy, where I carry out Complementary Therapies. The idea for the Cubbyhole came when I had my own Therapy Practice in Rugby and there was a very small empty room, which I used initially as an office/reception. As my client base grew, I decided I needed to provide a little bit more to enhance my therapy business and came up with the idea of selling a few aromatherapy candles, to my existing clients......

.....Fast forward 4 years.....

We have now moved back up to Lancashire from being in Warwickshire for 12 years, Springhill Therapy is now helping the local community to relax & rebalance through Complementary Therapies.

The Cubbyhole has also followed and gone from strength to strength! Not only do my lovely clients buy lots of gifts, but I also post parcels and packages full of gifts all over the UK. All orders were previously done through the Springhill Therapy website and now it's only right to give the Cubbyhole Gift Shop a website of its own.

Lots of new items are added all the time so please sign up to receive updates and offers on the home page.

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