Gift Vouchers
New Look Gift Vouchers
We all need to move with the times, protect the planet etc and one easy way for me to help, is to change the paper gift vouchers to 'eGift Cards'.

The new 'electronic' vouchers have much more flexibility and can be used in various ways across both the Cubbyhole Gift Shop & Springhill Therapy as follows.....

Cubbyhole Gift Shop - online or in person.

Springhill Therapy - pay for your 'Me Time' after your treatment and use it in the Cubbyhole.

When paying, the amount will be deducted off the voucher from whatever is purchased. If there is any value left on the voucher after a purchase/treatment, it will remain on the voucher to be used another time.

You are in control of your voucher and you can check the balance and top it up any time you wish online - it then becomes a little savings card for treatments or goodies.

There is no expiry date on them.

Your gift voucher can be sent directly to the recipients email inbox, along with a personal message of your choice or you can choose to send it to yourself to pass onto the recipient in your time.

You choose the date the voucher is sent, if you want it to arrive on a birthday or a specific date you can arrange this.

There are lots of designs to choose from and the flexibility is that I can also add more designs, on request, for example a different colour scheme or specific occasions. 


Please allow up to 1 hour for the Gift Voucher to be delivered to the specified Inbox.

This is all very new & technical to the Cubbyhole Gift Shop & Springhill Therapy,

so please let me know of any issues you have - hopefully there wont be too many.