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Use the code WEDDING20 to get 20% discount off all items

Members page
Welcome to the new Subscribers lounge!
This is your own space to find all the special offers & news just for members, subscribers and existing customers.
Hopefully you like the idea and I am open to suggestions and any feedback please.

The subscribers lounge will have more about it soon, this is just the start!

The idea of this page came about, as I was trying to think of a different kind of offer for February. 

Then I realised that yourselves and 'Joe Public' get exactly the same offers, therefore as regular customers or ones that have signed up for the newsletters, you weren't being rewarded for your 'loyalty' and custom.

This is a hidden page within the website so you can only view it if you fall into one of the above. Make sure you save the page to your bookmarks, so you will always have access to it.

There will be regular monthly offers, but there will be lots of other exciting rewards, deal of the day, clearance offers etc and you will always have access to the new arrivals first. 

Subscribers special offer

Use the code WEDDING20 to get 20% discount off all items