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Grey Wooden Heart Triple Tealight / Candle Holder  (21cm)

A natural wooden tray with chunky rope handles and cutout  heart details, enclosing three glass tealight holders and 3 voitive candles with upto a 10 hour burn time.

Fill with flickering tealights / candles to provide a cute and cosy atmosphere to your home space or garden. (Unless protected, you will need to put them indoors overnight and in bad weather, dont let the wood get wet)


These have a rustic style which adds to the character of the item and could be painted to match your outdoor decor.


3 voitive candles are included with this to get you started, choose from:


White unscented - Indoor and outdoor use.

Citronella yellow - Outdoor use only.


The glasses will take any candle or tealight with a diameter base of no more than 35mm.


The soy tealights that I make are 38mm and therefore unfortunately will not fit these.


The voitive candles that I will be supplying are made using the highest quality parrafin wax and 100% cotton wicks to ensure a quality burn.


⭐⭐ Never burn your tealight or candle for more than 4 hours at a time


Dimensions: 21cm x 8.5cm x 7.5cm approximately

Grey Wooden Heart Triple Tealight Holder (21cm)

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