** This isn't  Himalayan Cedar& Jasmine **

Pomegranate, along with Cedarwood and Jasmine were the first melts I made. I then changed supplier so they now have slightly different names, but very similar scents.

There is nothing wong with these melts at all, the flavour and appearance are excellent! 
All labels are correct including the CLP label.

They are reduced in price purely because it's a discontinued product. 
7 bags in stock.

Cedarwood & Jasmine - each glassine pouch contains 8 soy wax melt hearts.
Hand-poured by Me, with an added sprinkling of Lancashire Love! ​​​

Top Notes
absolute jasmine, orange zest
Mid Notes
lily of the valley, muguet, cyclamen
Base Notes 
musk notes, white cedar, tonka

8 heart shaped soy wax melts in a biodegradable glassine pouch bag.
A branded cotton bag for you to keep your melts in, which is reusable is also available to buy.
Size 9cm x 4cm approx and can hold 18/20 hearts approx.
How to enjoy...Simply place one heart (or two if your burner is large) into your burner, once you can no longer smell the fragrance, allow the wax to cool and dispose of the set wax in the bin.
Don't pour the wax down the sink.Keep out of the reach of Children and Pets.
Weight: 56g approx (8)
Dimensions: 3cm x 2.5cm approx each heart

Cedarwood & Jasmine Soy Wax Melts

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